GST Notification 06/2021 | Penalty payable for noncompliance QR Code on B2C transactions waived further till 30th June 2021, subject to compliance from 1st July 2021

GST Notification 06/2021-Central Tax ,dt. 30-03-2021

Penalty for Non compliance with QR Code on B2C transactions waived from 1st December 2020 till 30th June, 2021, provided compliance with the said provision is adhered from 1st July 2021. Earlier this waiver was up to 31st March 2021.

Hence, companies having turnover above 500 Cr. can initiate adding dynamic QR Code on B2C invoices from 1st July 2021. And in case taxpayers fail to comply with dynamic QR Code requirements from 1st July, penalty will be leived from 1st December 2020.

Mandeep Kulkarni

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