Late fees waiver now extended till July 2020 | GST Notification 57/2020

GST Notification 57/2020-Central Tax ,dt. 30-06-2020

Notification caps maximum amount of penalty if GSTR-3B is filed upto 30.09.2020 for Feb 20 to July 20 The maximum amount of penalty has been restricted to ‘Rs. 250/-‘ in case of other than NIL returns and ‘zero’ in case of NIL returns. The said relief is for both class of taxpayers i.e. taxpayers having turnover upto Rs. 5 crores or more than 5 crores. Penalty shall start from later Actual due date or Due date specifed in notification 51/2020 and 52/2020. It means if filed with dates specified in notification 51/2020 and 52/2020 no penalty will be levied. But post that penalty either Rs. 250 or nill will be applied till 30th September for all the categories of taxpayers

Mandeep Kulkarni

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