IRIS LookUp Disclaimer

1.   Lookup Source

IRIS Lookup data is compiled using the public informed published on each of the 25 ROCs in India. IRIS has taken steps to ensure all data is updated. However, there is no fixed frequency of update. Issues in quality of data upload are also noticed. For any data issues noticed, write to us at

MCA Portal Link

Refer to our T&C for liabilities and warranties.

2.   Lookup  Process

IRIS LookUp AI searches for the name/CIN of company names uploaded by you in the struck off companies list. CIN is unique and hence gives better results. For name search, we give the closest match using AI powered algorithms. The solution is hosted on AWS and uses its latest native search and matching solutions.

When a match is found in struck off list, the struck off related details are included in the output list. If no match is found, then struck off related columns are kept blank. Such companies could either be active or the input provided does not correspond to name or CIN as struck off list published.

Refer to our T&C for liabilities and warranties

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