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Are You an ITC Beginner, Pro or an Expert?

With constant GST updates like GSTR 2B, E-invoicing, QRMP scheme, and provisional ITC the tax team is always on their toes to save ITC.

Take this quick quiz and check if you are a beginner ,pro or an expert when it comes to ITC optimisation!

Survey- IRIS Peridot transformation from Good to Wow

This survey will help us to know what can further aid in simplifying your GST Return preparation and reconciliation in tandem with e-invoicing. We are in process of upgrading the IRIS Peridot App and this survey will be instrumental to make the app more useful for taxpayers and App users.


Sr No. Person Name
1. Rajesh V. Jain
2. Archit
3. Pankaj Srivastava
4. Rajesh Kumar Agrawal
5. Sunil
6. Amit Jain
7. Tejas Chavda
8. Abrar ahmed
9. Ashish Saraswat
10. Kandukuri Laxmi Narayan
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