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A Definitive Guide to

e-Invoicing in India

for large and medium enterprises


E-invoicing becomes mandatory from October 2020. Download this e-book today and get ready for the mandate

Things that You will learn from the eBook

  • 1. What is e-invoice and what is the proposed mandate?
  • 2. Recommendations of the GST Council for the proposed E-Invoicing System.
  • 3. How many mandatory fields to be captured to generate an e-invoice?
  • 4. Changes to be done in your accounting software to accommodate new fields of e-invoice
  • 5. What is Invoice Registration Number (IRN and how to get it from IRP ( Invoice Registration Portal)
  • 6. What digital signature is needed on the e-invoice
  • 7. Auto-population of ANX-1 and EWay Bill
  • 8. Who is required to generate QR code ?
  • 9. How can companies better prepare for the mandate?
  • 10. How IRIS Onyx can help you to streamline the entire GST Compliance?

More about the e-book

On July 23, 2020, login to the e-invoicing portal has been enabled for companies with turnover of Rs. 500 crore and above in the FY 2019-20.

GSTN had released the draft API specifications and sandbox for testing on Jan 1st 2020. GSPs as well as Taxpayers having turnover above INR 500 cr had received communication from GSTN to review the specification and get ready to participate on a voluntary basis. Interested taxpayers and GSPs were to complete on boarding process with the IRP system for the sandbox testing. The Version 1.01 of API specification was released in March followed by 1.02 specification in May 2020.

An information site containing API specifications, Guidance, FAQs etc. has been set by NIC, which has developed the first IRP system.

The e-book will help you to understand the basics of e-invoicing system, how to prepare for the mandate and how to get ready for implementation of e-invoicing in your organization.

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