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IRIS Sapphire (IRIS GST) - Integrated ASP and GSP application enabling ease of GST tax filing process for Tax payers.

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IRIS Topaz- Eway Bill Solution - One-stop solution for managing all your Eway Bill needs

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IRIS GST is a business line of IRIS Business Services Limited, which believes the implementation of GST will create a digital divide between businesses that seizes the mandate as an opportunity and those who do not. The mission of IRIS GST is to enable organizations with a suite of appropriate offerings that will enable them to improve process efficiency, leverage data for business insights and at the same time increase adherence to GST compliance. The vision is to offer solutions built around the fundamental principles of simplicity, scalability, adaptability and usability. More Show Less

"In God we trust, all others bring data"

  • W Edwards Deming ( Father of modern quality management)

Deming's fundamental philosophy that data measurement and analysis are essential to attaining superior performance in every facet of business is as relevant today in Digital revolution age as it was during the post war Industrial revolution. The ushering of GST has leapfrogged India by a generation and accelerated the digital revolution by digitizing the entire commerce chain of the country. GST is not just about tax compliance but a step towards building a transparent and fair tomorrow.

IRIS GST has been associated with GSTN ecosystem right from the inception and aligned with India Stack APIs, a set of APIs that allows governments, businesses, startups and developers to utilize an unique digital Infrastructure to solve India's hard problems towards presence-less, paperless, and cashless service delivery.

IRIS GST solution offerings are offered around making use of the granularity level of data collected for GST filings and leveraging this data for improving process, credit and business efficiencies.


IRIS offers a comprehensive and integrated offering for your GST return filing and compliance. Our offering, Sapphire, is an end-to-end ASP and GSP solution designed and built to make life easy for enterprises.

Sapphire is an application built with a highly scalable, available and secure architecture, that will help you to file with GST, right from registration to return preparation, through to submission. With built-in analytics and dashboards, IRIS GST will ensure that you stay compliant, while always having a pulse on the process.

Sapphire will allow for easy integration with existing workflows and applications, multiple output formats and offer you the flexibility to choose a deployment model of your choice.

IRIS is one of the 34 GST Suvidha Providers or GSPs appointed by the GST Network (GSTN). As an ASP and GSP, we are here to make your return filing simple and hassle-free. More Show Less

You give us the data, rest we manage

  • Input format designed keeping in view the need to absorb changes in the GST Law. From the time filings have started, the GST return formats have undergone changes, however, our input format has remained stable.
  • We take the invoice level granular data from you. The task of computing aggregate values, arranging invoices in return format and preparing the data ready for GST system, is our responsibility.
  • You have multiple options to choose from for getting the data into IRIS system - API, SFTP or manual upload

What you see, is what you file

  • In the GST returns, the invoices are grouped into various sections (B2B, Exports, Advances etc.). When we prepare your GST return, we show you how your invoices get classified into the various buckets. This helps you to check what and how the data is sent to GST system.
  • We show two views for GST return - As per the prescribed PDF format and As required by the GST system.
  • Once data is saved at GST system, you can also see a comparative summary of data available in IRIS and GST system. This is a check-point to ensure data is proper and in sync.

Designed for your indirect taxation team

  • Intuitive and easy to understand flow
  • The filing process is divided into various stages which makes it easier for the team to review at every stage, before moving to the next.
  • The business hierarchy and user access can be defined which allows to you assign the work as per various stages in the filing
  • You can link all your GSTINs of your businesses and enable centralised process for return filing
  • Issues with data either while uploading on IRIS system or while saving at GST system are linked back to the invoice making it easier for your team to identify the data with issues and rectify the same

Its for you, and also for your eco-system

  • To maximise the benefit from GST, its not only important to get your own compliance right but also of the other stakeholders in the supply chain. A default in between directly impacts your input tax credit claim
  • You can share your data with the counterparties even before it is sent to the GST system. This minimises the scope of differences cropping up at later stages
  • You can also compare your data with that of your counterparties. The result of the comparison, we bucket into actionable categories. With the features available for filtering and viewing counterparty wise, pinning out the differences just becomes easier

After all, we are known for our data and compliance solutions

  • We understand the importance of data and hence we have built a library of rules to ensure correctness of data right at the source
  • We have a palette of interactive dashboards, providing insights and updates to users of the enterprise, across departments, SBUs and hierarchies.
  • We understand the importance of data security and comply with all the security requirements. We are also ISO certified


Topaz is our offering for all your Eway Bill Needs. A cloud-based offering, Topaz, will allow you to manage all your tasks related to Eway Bill in an easy and automated way. You will have flexibility to use any or all of the Topaz interfaces i.e. Web, Desktop and Site-to-site integration.

Topaz is designed to enable creation of business hierarchy and role assignment which mimics your sales and dispatch processes.

Being an established GST Suvidha Provider or GSP, the infrastructure and security requirements for integration with Government's system are already in place. For those who wish for automated and seamless experience, its just the matter of integration with our enhanced application interfaces. More Show Less

One stop solution for all your EWB needs

  • You can manage entire life cycle of an EWB which includes generation, updating, rejection, and cancellation
  • You can fetch the EWBs assigned to you
  • You rope in your supply chain participants or your customers and manage on their behalf
  • Data validations and business rules will ensure correct data reaches the EWB system
  • Configure the communication channels for alerts and notification
  • Set up your business hierarchy and access control for users

Choose the options to suit your business model

  • You can go for API integration and get EWB numbers in real time.
  • Our bulk generation utilities will enable you to get EWB for batch dispatches
  • You can always come to our EWB Portal and do the entire process for EWB
  • EWBs can be generated as supplier, receiver or transporter
  • Corporate team or the personnel at the factory or warehouse, anybody can generate EWB, provided they have the access.

Our offering is beyond just EWB

  • With EWB data available, population of GSTR 1 to the extent possible can be done
  • Cross validations between GSTR 1 and EWB data, to highlight discrepancies if any Reports and data insights
  • There's more in future such as possibilities for transport financing, integration of external data sources

Finally, capability and credibility matters

  • IRIS is an established player in GST compliance and Topaz is yet another gem from our kitty
  • EWB impacts your business operations and we promise to provide HA solution
  • Our enhanced APIs are designed to make the integration task easier for you. The technical, infrastructure and regulatory needs, we'll take care of.
  • Our intuitive and easy to use online and offline utilities, will simply make your EWB experience pleasant and hassle-free


Besides the G2B portal made available by GSTN for GST filings and E-way bill operations, any third party application can also connect with GST system via secure GST system APIs and NIC system via secure EWB APIs. The access of these APIs is made available through GSPs (GST Suvidha Providers) who have been shortlisted by GSTN. IRIS is one of the 34 GSPs who have been selected by GSTN and has a direct API access to GSTN's GST and NIC's EWB systems. Zircon is IRIS' direct API connect services offered to third party applications.

IRIS Zircon offers an interface for any third party application to connect in a secure and seamless manner with GST system via secure GST System APIs. More Show Less

IRIS Zircon offers an interface for any third party application to connect in a secure and seamless manner with GST system via secure GST System APIs

Currently the following three services are offered:

  • GST APIs
  • Eway bill APIs
  • Tax payer search

Zircon is a pass-through API gateway server and the responsibility of API management lies with the third party application

Zircon hosted in High Availability mode in cloud and has been designed for high scale and low latency

Zircon is ISO 27001:2013 certified as per GSTN mandate and requirements

An additional access to Zircon stage server is made available to third party applications who would wish to test the integration with Govt portal before connecting with production system. Zircon Stage for GST is connected with GSTN's sandbox and Zircon Stage for EWB is connected with NIC's pre-production system.

Portal access to third party application is provided to client to track and monitor API consumption for different services


Peridot is a data depository built out of information available for public consumption. The Peridot data repository can be accessed either through our Mobile App or via integration with our APIs. The data sets available in Peridot currently includes

  • GSTIN (Taxpayer)
  • HSN for products and service
  • Pincode

Searching GSTIN through Peridot

GST Identification number or GSTIN is a 15-character unique number provided by Government to every registered tax payer. Only the holders of valid GSTIN are allowed to charge and collect GST on the supplies. It is necessary that the taxpayers need to mention their GSTIN on the invoices prepared by them. Further, the GSTIN number needs to be mentioned on the sign boards in their premises.

Peridot is an app which helps you to verify the correctness of a GSTIN by validating it with GST system. Once validated, the key facts are made available.

While you can always type the GSTIN, what really makes Peridot unique is the ability to recognise GSTIN from any cluster of text. All you need to do is, scan the surface which could have the GSTIN printed. Peridot analyses the text to identify the GSTINs and once identified, the same gets checked with GST system.

Download from Google Playstore

The android app for GSTIN search is available for free on Google Playstore. To download, click here

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About IRIS

IRIS Business Services Limited is a leading structured data solutions company with global presence in regulatory and compliance reporting software. The firm is uniquely positioned with offerings across the spectrum of creation, management and use of structured data for business and financial reporting. IRIS is headquartered in Mumbai, India and has subsidiaries in USA, Singapore and Italy and an affiliate firm in the UAE. More Show Less

The Company has over eighteen years of proven expertise in the financial information management space, providing customized technology solutions for data and content management, for the dissemination of information to investors and stock exchanges, and for effective content management to institutional clients.

IRIS' offerings in compliance and reporting space spans across its three lines of business -

  • Collect : Filing platform and services for regulators to collect data,
  • Create: Filing solutions for regulated to prepare data
  • Consume: Solutions for regulators and entities to consume data

IRIS serves regulators in over 18 countries around the world, including Reserve Bank of India; Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), Singapore; Department of Business Development (DBD), Thailand, Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), Malaysia, Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Saudi Arabia, Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority, Qatar, Bank of Mauritius, Tadawul Stock Exchange, Saudi Arabia, among others.

IRIS also has clients on the filing side that include over 100 scheduled commercial, private and cooperative banks such as HDFC Bank, SBI, ICICI, Bank of America, Credit Agricole and over 700 corporates including companies from the Tata, Reliance, TVS, Godrej and L&T groups.

IRIS also has an extensive partner network comprises the Big 4 accounting firms, system integrators and specialized software and consulting firms that use IRIS' products and expertise to enhance their offerings to end clients.

IRIS GST is IRIS' business line in the Create line of business offering innovative and differentiated solutions to taxpayers in the GST space. Having worked on both sides of regulatory compliance - with regulators and filers alike, IRIS brings extensive experience and a unique perspective that can help clients transition easily into the new and complex GST regime.