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Join us for an exclusive webinar on
Mastering Input Tax Credit Litigation: Challenges, Strategies and Solutions

Designed to empower you with the knowledge and approach necessary to navigate the complexities of ITC litigation effectively.

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    29th April, 2024 at 11 AM IST

    29th April 2024 at
    11 AM IST

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Key Topics To Be Covered

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    Understanding the fundamentals of Input Tax Credit (ITC) and its significance in indirect tax compliance.
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    Identifying common challenges and pitfalls in ITC litigation proceedings.
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    Leveraging technology and data analytics to streamline evidence collection and analysis.
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    Developing robust litigation strategies tailored to specific ITC dispute scenarios.
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    Exploring alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and settlement negotiation tactics.
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    Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and recent judicial precedents.
Who Should Attend?
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    Tax Professionals
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    Legal Experts
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    Finance and Accounting Professionals
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    Business Owners and Managers
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    Compliance Officers

Embark on your journey to mastering ITC litigation now. Be a part of our webinar and equip your business for success in the ever-changing landscape of taxation.


Why ITC Litigation Management Is Crucial?

Understanding and effectively managing ITC litigation is paramount for businesses seeking to thrive amidst regulatory complexities.

ITC forms the cornerstone of GST compliance, allowing businesses to claim credit for the taxes they’ve paid on inputs.
However, amidst its potential benefits lies a labyrinth of challenges.

ITC Litigation Management
ITC Litigation Can Arise From
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    Discrepancies in Invoices
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    Interpretation Issues
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    Procedural Lapses
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The repercussions of mismanaging ITC litigation can be severe, leading to financial penalties, operational disruptions, and even reputational damage. Moreover, unresolved disputes can strain resources, divert focus from core business activities, and hinder growth prospects.

Therefore, businesses must equip themselves with the knowledge, strategies, and solutions necessary to navigate ITC litigation effectively. Proactive management not only mitigates risks but also unlocks opportunities for savings, compliance optimization, and strategic decision-making.

Hence, join us for an exclusive webinar on “Mastering Input Tax Credit (ITC) Litigation”, where we delve deep into the complexities, challenges, and effective strategies to steer clear of ITC disputes.

Mastering ITC Litigation: Challenges, Strategies, and Solutions

Our expert panelists will discuss the nuances of ITC litigation, offering invaluable insights and practical guidance for businesses of
all sizes and sectors. From understanding the challenges businesses encounter in claiming and defending ITC, to
providing clarity on complex legal provisions and precedents, we cover all.

Discover proven strategies for preempting disputes, resolving conflicts, and optimizing ITC utilization.
Learn from expert analyses to fortify your defense and maximize ITC benefits.

Speakers For The Day

Ashwini Gorhe
Product Manager
Ashwini is a Product Manager at IRIS Business Services Ltd with 12 years of experience and a Chartered Accountant by profession. As a Product Manager, Ashwini plays a pivotal role in shaping the company’s GST product roadmap. Her responsibilities include in-depth research on market trends, understanding the complexities of Goods and Services Tax (GST) regulations, and translating this knowledge into product-level business strategies and validation rules.

Apart from her strategic contributions, Ashwini is actively involved in providing hands-on assistance to clients, offering solutions to critical GST-related queries. She frequently conducts product demonstrations, guiding taxpayers on leveraging the IRIS GST offerings to enhance their productivity and ensuring GST compliance with ease. 

Swati Ajmera
Product Manager
Swati Ajmera is a Chartered Accountant with 10 years of experience in Direct and Indirect taxation, Assessment, and Audit. Her current role at IRIS as a GST Consultant involves active participation in product development for the IRIS LMS Software, showcasing her proficiency in software development within the taxation domain.

She has a deep understanding of the litigation process while drafting appropriate replies by understanding critical litigation matters. Proficiency in clients handling litigation related queries and has been actively involved in providing support and solutions in this area.

Unlock the secrets to successful
Input Tax Credit litigation.

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