E-way Bill Management in the Post E-invoicing World…

Latest updates, specific scenarios and getting future-ready!

3rd August 03:00pm

Future-proof the effect of changes in E-Way Bill system on your Supply Chain with IRIS

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E-way Bill , as was introduced in 2018 has come a long way since! With E-invoicing-E-way Bill pairing, blocking of EWB generation on tax non-compliance and Fastag integration, E-way Bill management has become far too complex. This session will help you to understand the specific scenarios of E-way Bill generation, effect of recent updates like E-invoicing on overall E-way Bill generation process, Reconciliation between GSTR1 and E-way Bill, EWB Linking, EWB Auto population, Applicability of E-invoice & E-way Bill, Auto Generation of E-way Bill and more…

What is covered?

  • History, components and parts of an E-way bill ?.
  • When an E-way Bill is not required?
  • Specific Scenarios – Consolidated E-way bill, Multi-vehicle shipment, Rejected goods, E-way bill for CKD/SKD etc
  • Penalties and Punishments on non-compliance
  • Forward Integrations – Vehicle verification of E-Way bill, Blocking and unblocking of E-Way bill, Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Integrated Compliance – Reconciliation between GSTR1 and E-way bill, E-way bill linking, E-way bill auto-population
  • Applicability of E-invoice & E-way bill, Auto generation of E-way bill, Additional features on e-invoice portal
  • Future-proofing your E-way bill management- The IRIS way

About the Host

Shilpa Dhobale
Shilpa Dhobale, VP-Design and Innovation
A management accountant by profession, Shilpa leads the domain team of IRISGST suite of products and drives product conceptualisation, management, design and user experience with them.
She has played a leadership role in helping IRIS develop several software products which either author, validate or consume XBRL data. She has authored and co-authored many Guidance Notes, Research Papers on Structured data and has also written several eBooks on GST and related subjects.
Neena Sethi, Product Manager
A Management Accountant by profession, Neena has been working with IRIS for over 7 years and is currently the Functional Analyst and Subject Matter Expert for IRIS' GST offerings and manages the E-way Bill Offering, IRIS Topaz. She has also been assisting the clients in return filing related queries. Prior to GST, she was involved in compliance and data analysis for the US markets. She is an E-way Bill expert who has authored several articles and E-Books, related to E-way Bill and supply chain management.

Our experts will share their acumen in the webinar on everything you need to know about E-Way bills

Know your e-way bill in and out! From the very basic details like its ‘validity’ to advanced details like ‘applicability of E-invoice & E-way bill’, this session will cover it all. If you have a supply chain to manage, this session is definitely not something to be missed!

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