November 2018

Issue 1

October has been a hectic month with so many returns to file and keeping up with the due-dates that never stop to change. We hope you have filed your Income Tax as well as GST returns on time.

In this issue, we will discuss about the talk of the town i.e. GSTR-9; a complete breakdown of different sections which will help you understand what all data you need to be ready with, Updates regarding provisions and exemptions for E-way bill and the sanctions for pending IGST refund claims and more.

We wish all our readers a very Happy & Prosperous Diwali.




The 6 Parts of GSTR-9

In our first issue, we have covered what information you need to be prepared with; for filing GSTR-9.

The GSTR-9 Return is made of 19 tables grouped into 6 parts. Of these, about 6 tables consists of details which can be derived from data filed with GST system

PART I: It covers the basic details such as financial year, GSTIN, legal name, and trade name (if any).

PART II: Here you need to provide consolidated details of all your outward supplies and advances received on which tax is applicable during the financial year for which the return is filed. You also need to fill details of outward supplies on which tax is not applicable as mentioned in the returns filed during the respective financial year.

PART III: The tables under Part 3 deals with the Input tax Credit (ITC) details, which is divided further into 3 sections.

In first sub-section you have to mention the details of ITC availed as declared in returns filed during the financial year. The mentioned details can be obtained from FORM GSTR-3B.

In the second sub-section, you have to provide details of ITC reversed and ineligible ITC as declared in return filed during the financial year.

The third sub-section asks for details of other ITC details, which is auto-populated.

PART IV: It covers details of actual tax paid during the financial year. The said information can be fetched from FORM GSTR-3B.

PART V: You have to disclose details of amendments made i.e. additions or deductions made for the supplies of the previous financial year in the returns of April to September of the current financial year or the date of filing of an annual return for previous financial year, whichever is earlier.

PART VI: In this part, you have to provide information of any refund, demand, supplies received from composition taxpayer, deemed supply and good send of approval basis, HSN wise summary of outward and inward supplies and if any late fee payable or paid.

As per the draft specifications for GSTR 9 APIs it appears, auto-population of some tables will be enabled by GST system, which effectively accounts for 50% of the details. The remaining sections need to be prepared by the taxpayers.


Sanctions of Pending IGST Refund Claim

Solution and steps to overcome the challenges of refund blockage of IGST paid on exports

Matching the Export details in GSTR 1 (Table 6) and GSTR 3B (3.1 b) is one of the primary validations for sanctioning the refunds. However the said validation has proved to fail in number of cases. Also cases have been reported where the data from GST system has not been transmitted to the ICE GATE system.

Keeping in view the above challenges, an interim solution is being provided to overcome the problem of refund blockage. The issue is divided into two scenarios to process the refunds faster:

In case of no short payment

A no-short payment scenarios is defined when the cumulative IGST amount mentioned in GSTR-3B is more or equal to the cumulative IGST amount mentioned in table 6 of GSTR-1.

In the above scenario, the list of exporters who fall into this category will be sent to GSTN. GSTN then will send a confirmatory mail to these exporters regarding the transmission of records to Customs.

It is of utmost importance that the exporters whose refunds are sanctioned/processed, should submit a certificate from a practising Chartered Accountant to the Customs Office indicating there is no discrepancy between the IGST amount refunded on exports and the actual IGST amount paid on exports of goods for the period July 2017 to March 2018. A copy of the same certificate should also be sent to the jurisdictional GST office.

In case of short payment

A short payment case arises when the cumulative IGST amount mentioned in the GSTR-3B is less than the cumulative IGST amount mentioned in table 6 of GSTR-1.

In the above scenario, emails are sent to respective exporters falling in the above category informing them that their records are held up due to short payment of IGST. The exporters then have to make the payment of difference in amount of IGST in GSTR-3B to ensure that the total IGST refund being claimed in GSTR-1 is paid. The proof of payment shall be submitted to Deputy Commissioner of Customs in charge of port.

In case the aggregate IGST refund amount for the said period is up to ?10 lakhs, the exporter shall submit self-certified copy of challans of IGST payment to the concerned Customs office at the port of the export.

However, in case the total IGST refund amount is more than ?10 lakhs, the exporter shall submit a self-certified copy of challans of IGST to the concerned Customs office at the port of export along with a certificate from a practising chartered accountant, stating that the shortfall has been liquidated.

Note that it is compulsory to submit a certificate from a Chartered Accountant to the Deputy Commissioner of Customs in charge of port before November 15th 2018 irrespective of which scenario applies to you as an exporter.

To read the official circular, please click here.

Provisions to generate E-way bill using PAN

An E-way bill is generated for the movement of goods from one place to another. Be it within or outside the state.

As per the notification, casual taxable persons making inter-state taxable supplies of handicraft products of the mentioned materials do not have to register under GST for E-way bill generation unless their turnover is more than ?20 lakhs. They will be able to generate E-way bills based on their Permanent Account Number.

Penalty provision in case of non-filing of GSTR-9

As per Section 47(2) of Central Goods and Service Tax Act (2017), a person will be fined a penalty of INR 100 per day (CGST) + INR 100 per day (SGST), amounting to a total of INR 200 per day if he/she fails to file GSTR-9 before the due-date. However, the maximum amount of penalty a person can be fined is 0.25% of the total turnover.

File GSTR 1 by 11th Nov

Make a note that the dates notified by the government were up to 31st October 2018. From November onwards, regular filing date will apply. So file your GSTR-1 for October on or before November 11 2018


Track and manage your GST compliance

Keeping a track of every GSTIN in your hierarchy can be a challenging, task. However, no matter how difficult the task may seem, it is important to keep a track of the status of your GSTINS.

Tracking your GST compliance gets easier with IRIS Sapphire’s Compliance Tracker.

GST Session Status

To check the status of your GSTINs, you normally have to generate an OTP for each of your GSTINs. Now you can generate OTP and view the status of your GSTINs on the same page. The page is accessible to every user in the hierarchy and will display the GSTINs based on the user’s rights.

For any communication with GST session, the GST session needs to be active. With this consolidated view, the task of keeping the sessions active, just gets simpler.

Filing History

You can also keep a track of your return filing activities i.e. keep a tab on which return, you need to file and for which GSTIN.

In this section you can get to know

  • Month-wise filing status of all your GSTINs
  • Details of GSTINs who are yet to file the return

Filing Status – Summary

Here, in summary tab, you can view total number of GSTINs that you have, how many of your GSTINs are active and doing some work for it like uploading data, saving data, how many number of SAVE requests and GET requests are done. The GSTIN wise details are available in the download.

Filing Status – Detailed

This is more drilled down view of your activities giving you get details of how many invoices are uploaded, how many invoices get saved on GSTN and how many times you have downloaded data. You just have to select the return type and then document type and then click on GET details. The GSTIN wise details are available in the download


Need To Verify Your Counterparty

The news lately only has been only of GST non-compliant vendors who are cheating their counter-party by issuing fake invoices in order to claim higher input Tax Credit (ITC).

It is not only the small businesses that have been brought under limelight for malpractices, but also big corporations like Nestle who profiteered ?100 crore by not passing on the GST rate cut to their consumers.

Even two Chartered Accountants, who created bogus companies were arrested for an alleged GST fraud of 50 crore.

Moreover, the Central Goods and Service Tax(CGST) authorities detected fake companies in cotton trade that claimed ITC of ?7.5 crore.

The biggest fraud unveiled being a total of ?1000 crore. A businessman from Navi Mumbai was arrested for issuing fake invoices amounting to ?100 crore.

Therefore, as a consumer or a person doing business you have to be extra careful of whom you are availing services from. Checking a vendor’s compliance may not be as difficult as it may seem.

You can verify a vendor’s GST compliance by simply clicking a snap. IRIS Peridot’s easy-to-use mobile lets you check a GSTIN’s compliance history by clicking a snap. It couldn’t get any easier, right?

So Download IRIS Peridot now and never get cheated under the garb of paying GST.

Bulk Verification of your counterparty GSTINs

A new feature has been added in IRIS Sapphire to save the time you have to spend in looking for the details of your GSTINs.

The New Bulk Search feature enables you to search the basic details and filing status of the filing entities.

The feature allows you look up details for 500 GSTINs at once and also download the same


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